Lørdag 16. september kl. 16:00



Andreas Møllerhøj, bass

Lukas Rande, saxofon

Bo Rande, flugelhorn

Nicolai Kornerup, accordeon Christian Hørsted, trommer

Emil Goldschmidt, klarinet

Mames Babegenush is the past world meeting the present. It is Jewish dance music united with new waves of modern music: a fresh blend of music genres that appeals to both the heart and the feet.


Formed in 2004 the six-piece ensemble quickly dazzled audiences as well as critics with their fresh sound and musical gumption. The group spent years to perfect the style of traditional Jewish dance music, but always insisted on leaving their personal mark in contemporary klezmer. Live on stage, Mames Babegenush is a unique acquaintance, who unfolds a dynamic universe never seen before.


In 2008 David Krakauer, Alicia Svigals, Michael Alpert and Josh Dolgin (SoCalled) selected Mames Babegenush to the Carnegie Hall Young Artist Program. The following year the band released their acclaimed debut ‘Klezmer Killed The Radio Star’ which landed a nomination at the Danish Music Award.

 In 2010 the ensemble experienced a career highlight when they participated in the 2nd International Jewish Music Competition in Amsterdam. As the only ensemble, it was the winner of three prizes - the Jury's Special Prize for cultural bridge building in music, the Booker's Prize and the biggest prize of them all; The Audience Prize for best live performance.


In 2014 Mames Babegenush released their latest album forging their strong Scandinavian roots into the vibrant dance music of Eastern Europe. From the great ambience of Nordic pine trees to a lively wedding in Romania this album gives the listener a sense of both melancholy and ecstatic joy.


The milestone record represents a new path in their sound integrating string quartet, harp and children’s choir into their musical universe.


The group is currently touring and working on new material.

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