Lørdag 9. september kl. 16:00

TRIO 1887


Petra Gilming, klaver

Sho Akamatsu, violin

Branimir Pusticki, cello

Trio 1887 was founded in 2015 by pianist Petra Gilming, violinist Sho Akamatsu and cellist Branimir Pusticki. Graduates of the Zagreb Music Academy of different generations, they all enjoyed successful individual careers as laureates of international competitions (Pietra Ligure, Moncalieri and Pinerolo in Italy; Huml, Croatia; Novosibirsk, Russia; J. Brahms, Austria; W. Lutoslawski, Poland) or soloists with orchestras, before establishing national reputation as a chamber group, having been awarded the top prize and all special prizes at the 4th national competition "Boris Papandopulo" held in 2015 in Zagreb, Croatia.

 Since then, Trio 1887 is regularly invited to various festivals and venues in Croatia, including the Osor Musical Evenings and Dubrovnik Summer Festival.


Trio 1887 owes its name to the magical encounter between two bitter rivals, nowadays beloved composers Johannes Brahms and Piotr Tchaikovsky, which happened on New Year's Eve in 1887 in the Brodsky residence in Leipzig. Regardless of their differences in background and views of others' work, the two had a good time together (especially when Edvard Grieg decided to join in) and in a Hollywood manner, learned to respect one another.

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